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Barbie House - Guess Where?


This house is in Florida!

Is this your dream home???

The closest we can offer is Kroom's Fairy castle for kids, looks similar and it can be yours!

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Baskets to Dress Up a Wall


These baskets add color and warmth to a room, plus a design element. With RiceDk Baskets, this idea can be redone on any wall.

Shop here:

 source: LaMaison

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Keeping Warm in Style


Post your comments if you like this 'sweater' or not!

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Simple and Chic Kitchen


Love the lighting in this kitchen with its warm brown colors. Black framed windows also enhances here the kitchen's design..actually black framed windows will almost always add that 'design' feel to any space.

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French Fashion photographer - Jeanloup Sieff


Cigarette Kisses

Jeanloup Sieff (November 30, 1933 – 20 September 2000) was a fashion French photographer.

Sieff's interest in photography was first triggered when he received a Photax plastic camera as a birthday gift for his fourteenth birthday.

In 1956 he began shooting fashion photography. He settled in New York for a number of years in the 1960s, where he worked for Esquire, Glamour, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, becoming extremely popular in America. He photographed many celebrities, among them Jane Birkin, Yves Montand, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Rudolf Nureyev. Dancers and nudes were two recurring themes in his works. Jeanloup Sieff died in Paris, September 20, 2000 at the age of 66. His daughter, Sonia Sieff, is a well known photographer.

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Fulvio Bonavia - Award-winning advertising and editorial photographer




 Combining Food and Hi-Fashion


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Can you guess in which country this pretty house is?


Can you guess which country this pretty house is located at?
Post your answers.


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