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Intimoos Ceramic Sculpture




Inspired from ancient times, this unique gift allows a Mate to show their desire for the other, beyond words. This clay piece shaped as an egg indicates the readiness of the mind and body for the deepest of intimacy. Simply open up the Intimoos when you are ready to show your love for your mate. 
It is the perfect gift idea for a bachelorette party, newlywed couple or your spouse.

The front and back portion of the sculpture are tied together allowing you to open and close it. Within, there is  the image of a couple laying together face to face sculpted into the clay. On the outside, is engraved the Ying and Yang symbol to symbolize the balance that coupling brings to many of us.

Each piece is hand made using clay which is burned and then painted in bronze.

Size:  H4" x H2"  / H10 x W5 cm

Color: Bronze

Material: Ceramic

Sold as: Comes in a Gift box 






Shipping - WorldWide ( *Australia & Brazil - add $2.00)



$25.01 - $50.00


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